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Aircraft Design

The continuance of Germany’s high precision design, and strict quality control of model quality

AeroJones Aviation successfully obtained the AJCT type certificate for Light-Sport Aircraft (TC0037A-HD), approved and issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China ...

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Aircraft Manufacture

The world’s leading light sport aircraft manufacturer

AeroJones Aviation introduces the world’s most popular AJCT series of Light-Sport Aircraft by taking expertise as its base, flight safety as belief, and the continuance of Germany’s strict quality control as its standard ...

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Customer Service

Extraordinary customer service before and after the sale.

Flying Training Center
Flight Experience: Explore the pleasure with flight instructor accompany
Operational Training: Obtain your pilot’s license and certified by local authority
Pilot A Plan: Aircraft type transfer-related training programs
Before-sales service
Understand Customer Needs > Visit production department
Sign Aircraft Purchase Contract > Initiate manufacturing process
Complete Assembly Test > Regularly conduct status tracking
After-sales Service
Experienced online customer service
Maintain Best Condition
Inventory preparations, provide immediate offers
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